Child and Family Photography Boosts Kids Self Esteem

Displaying photographs in our homes can help us boost our kids self esteem and help grow their confidence!

Want to know more?…….read on.

As parents we want to raise our children to become strong and confident individuals. We want them to feel loved, feel like they belong in a family unit and know that they are loved and accepted for being ‘them’. 

Often taken for granted, photography is a powerful tool to help our children feel confident and value their self worth. Displaying images of our children around the house, can help boost their self worth. By displaying family portraits in our homes, children will see that they are valued and gain a sense of real belonging to their family. 

When planning a child or family photography session, it is important to choose someone who you feel comfortable with and who you can relate to, for that photographer has a huge responsibility to ‘get it right!’. When you hang your family portrait/s on the wall in your home your child will see it every day, they will be reminded how it made them feel and how it still makes them feel. If your photographer is able to capture your family as they are, with connection and love and you get all those warm and fuzzy feelings when you see the photo’s for the first time, then your child will feel it too and will therefore benefit immensely from these photos.

Photographs are timeless. You can’t put a price on them. They allow us to freeze a moment in time, a time in our life that we want to remember, forever!

This small collection of images from last nights session with Holly captures her innocence, her joy of being outdoors, exploring, and soaking up natures beauty. Her big, blue eyes, her many expressions, the way her hair falls around her face, are all captured and will now, be forever remembered by her and her parents!

I look forward to seeing her little face when she sees these beautiful photo’s of her…..just. being. her.

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