How to choose the right location for your photo shoot

I have put together some tips and tricks to help you choose the right location to suit your style, your family and your home! I hope that this helps you make an informed decision when choosing your location for your photography session! 

1 – Consider the style of your home

Let’s imagine your photos from your session are printed and framed and hanging on the walls in your home. If you have a coastal theme, a beach location would be an easy choice. If you have earthy tones throughout your home, you might like to consider a golden field location. In South Australia the grass is usually golden between September and April, after this everything becomes more green. If your house boasts lots of colour, you might like to opt for a session in the cooler months to ensure your photos have that extra pop of colour! 

See how in the image below the colours of the photo match the space! 

2 – Light is everything!! 

We want you to fall in LOVE with every single photo you see from your session. In order to get this result we require beautiful and natural, filtered light. 

So what does this mean when it comes to choosing a location? 

The beach is a wide and open space, the only thing we have to filter the light are sand dunes and clouds. If we don’t have a bit of cloud cover we might only have ten to thirty minutes of optimal light. If you have a large family, I would recommend considering another location to ensure your session isn’t rushed. 

3 – Field locations

South Australia offers some spectacular landscapes that are forever changing with the seasons. Cobbler Creek and Blackwood Forrest Recreation Park are two of my most popular locations for family sessions. Spring and Summer months offer the beautiful rich colours, with golden grass and wildflowers. Autumn is a colourful time of year with the grass beginning to green up and the leaves rich in colour.

Below left was captured in March and below right was captured at the same location in June

3 – Pros and Cons of the Beach

The South Australian coast line is beautiful and is one of my favourite locations to offer photography sessions.

Even tho light can be bright and harsh (especially in the Summer months), there are some ways to get around this so that we can still make your beach session a success. 

Choose a beach with sand dunes. This will offer a filter for the sun and allow more time for your session. Consider having your session in the cooler months. The winter light is often very soft, making it perfect for portrait photography. 

If you have a baby, remember everything goes straight in the mouth….including sand! 

Below are two photos taken just minutes apart. They are both unedited. The left photo shows how the sand dunes can filter the light and provide a soft and beautifully lit portrait. The photo on the right is technically poor, was photographed in direct sun light and displays a bright shadow on the girls right side of her face, creating an unflattering poorly lit photo. 

We want your session to be as much fun and relaxing for you and your family as possible and so we will discuss all these options with you prior to your session to ensure you have made the best decision to suit your style, your family and your home!