Newborn Photographer: How to Choose One?

“Here, there and everywhere,” The Beatles once crooned. They were certainly ahead of their time. Perhaps they foresaw the boom in today’s photography industry? Thanks in part to the advent of digital photography, there does seem to be a new photographer “here, there and everywhere”. And with so many photographers in the game, how do you go about picking one? What should you look for when choosing a newborn photographer?

Choosing a Newborn Photographer: 3 Essentials

Assuming you’ve made peace with the value of investing in professional photography, here are three core things to consider when picking a newborn photographer.

(1) Experience with a capital E.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know how to point and shoot a camera. Even our kids are growing up “click” savvy thanks to the powerful cameras on-board our mobile phones. However, professional photography requires a fundamental knowledge of the art, things like light, composition, and so much more. And this knowledge is perfected through experience.

What’s more, a newborn photographer requires additional understanding in handling infants and safe posing techniques that ensures little newborns are not just in the best care, but that the iconic poses so cherished are captured. There’s simply no way around experience with a capital E. There aren’t too many other industries where you wouldn’t want to find yourself in the hands of a newbie more.

Newborn Photographer: How to Choose One?

It’s worth asking, how long has the newborn photographer been a registered business? And does the photographer specialise in newborn portraiture, or is it more a secondary service? Professionals are usually specialists in their field.

(2) Safety with a capital S.

To a professional photographer, safety is priority one. Nothing is more important than the comfort and safety of a little life. An experienced newborn photographer will adhere to a clear set of safety policies. Things like…

• keeping a baby-safe studio,

• only using baby-safe props,

• using digital composite techniques for complex poses, and more.

Don’t be afraid to voice any concerns you have. An experienced newborn photographer will be more than happy to answer all your safety-related questions.

(3) Style matters too!

While experience and safety are non-negotiable, personal style and preference is an important secondary consideration.

Every newborn photographer develops their own unique sense of style. While some may go for a more classic route, others may specialise in cutesy poses. Photography is an art after all. The good news is that this means there is more than likely a photographer to suit just about everyone’s preferences and tastes.

Newborn Photographer: How to Choose One?

Matching what you’re after to what a photographer offers helps to ensure that your expectations are met. Check out the photographer’s website portfolio and peruse some of their most recent work on their blog posts. And don’t be afraid to ask if the poses and setups you’re after are possible. Most photographers will try to accommodate your requests.

That’s it. If you pick an experienced newborn photographer who adequately answers any safety-related questions you have and whose style you love, you’ve got a winner! Don’t procrastinate. Make that booking and rest in the knowledge that you’ve got another important thing sorted in what is both an exhilarating and hectic time of your life.

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