Newborn Session: Is There a Best Time?

As the saying goes, timing is everything. Poems have been written. Songs have been sung. Movies have been made. Lessons have been learnt. Getting your timing right is one of those things you learn in life’s journey—usually after experiencing the regret of getting it wrong a few times! But when it comes to booking a newborn session, does timing matter? Is there a “best time” to photograph a newborn bub?

Newborn Session: Inside 14 Days

Iconic poses. Dreamy poses. Angelic poses. Sleepy-curly poses. Yes, newborn photography is renowned for these kinds of images. You know, the poses that make our knees weak and our hearts beat faster. The heavenly poses that cause angels to sing and hard hearts to melt like wax in the summer sun.

You see, if you’re after images that capture these gorgeous iconic poses, then yes, timing certainly matters. In fact, the best window of time to photograph a newborn is between 6 and 14 days.


Firstly, your little bub is more likely to be sleepier during this period of time. That will certainly help us capture the best poses. Secondly, your little one is still mimicking the curly womb-like poses they enjoyed for so many months before making their grand entrance into the world.

This all changes into about the third week. At this time, they become more restless and alert, and become a little less ‘willing’ to mimic those sleepy-curly poses you may want captured in photos.

Now, if you’ve missed that window period of 6 to 14 days, don’t fret or panic. We will still capture a wonderful range of gorgeous photos for you during your newborn session. Yes, your knees will still wobble, and your heart will still flutter. Angels will sing and grown men will weep. However, just be aware that your little bub may be less compliant than he or she would otherwise be.

When is the best time to do a newborn session?

If it’s possible, make your newborn session booking well in advance. In this way, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ve ticked off an important item on your long to-do list. Then, all you’ll need to do is notify me of when your little treasure is born, and I’ll make sure there’s an available slot for you in your 6-14-day window.

Together, we’ve got the timing thing in the bag! Easy as.

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