Photographing Older Baby’s

Why is newborn photography typically captured in the first 12 days?

Newborn photography is typically captured in the first 12 days of baby’s arrival earth side. This is because baby’s are still sleepy and easily moulded into poses that replicate being inside the womb. After this time, your baby becomes more alert and generally will not stay asleep when unswaddled. 

What happens if we cannot get our baby photographed in the recommended time frame?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to miss out altogether, you’re not too late!

Up until recently I too was one of those photographers who used to bang on about the importance of getting baby’s into the studio before they were 2 weeks old. But thru COVID I’ve had the privilege of photographing lots of older baby’s. This has had a lot of hidden perks and here are three reasons why! 

1 – Parents LOVE awake photos of their baby’s! This is much easier to achieve when baby is older than 2 weeks.

2 – Many parents have said to me that they think their baby looks more like ‘them’ when they are a month or so old. 

3 – New parents can sometimes find it really overwhelming to come into the studio for their session in the first week of their baby’s birth. Having the option to come into the studio when they feel more settled can relieve a lot of nerves and make the experience more relaxed and enjoyable. 

Below are some photos of baby’s who were photographed between 3 and 6 weeks of age.