Printing Photos: Why Bother?

When last did you consider printing your photos? Many people answer that question with, “What? Seriously? Why even bother? I’ve got them on my phone and ogle them all day.” Yes, it’s true. Printing photos is without doubt a habit that has gone the way of the dinosaurs in our modern digital age; however, I would like to show you why printing your photographs is still so very worth doing.

Everyone of us have smartphones and tablets with jam-packed camera rolls and more photos than we’re even aware of. This is especially true if your kids have got hold of them and started practising for an early career in photography. What’s more, most people haven’t even thought of making regular backups of their digital images. Think about that for a moment. They are one software glitch away from losing all their beloved memories.

Eek! That’s enough to cause anyone to break out in a cold sweat.

No Better Backup Than a Printed Photo

So, yes, it’s a great idea to make a backup of your digital memories and to create a plan to do so on a regular basis.

That said, according to the Digital Preservation Coalition, there is still another factor to bear in mind. (Yes, such an organisation actually exists.)

Due to the phenomenal rate of technological advancement, what works for us digitally today is a less than decade away from being completely obsolete. Double eek!

Yes, we can get on our knees and beseech the techno gods like Apple and Samsung to provide the future tech to transfer and preserve our digital images from today’s software to tomorrow’s. However, if you still have wedding or family videos frozen in time on old VHS or worse, Betamax cassettes, you will know firsthand that the onus lies very much on us to protect the things we cherish.

The best backup is a printed photo!

The truth is, the tech giants are too busy waging a war for greater market share to worry about whether our digital memories can survive their tech advances.

Printing Photos: Preserve Your Cherished Moments

However, it’s not all doom and gloom. There is a solution and while it might seem a little old hat, printing photos is a habit that transcends tech trends. In fact, it has numerous other benefits too.

For one, printing photographs helps to turn your house into a home, your coffee table into a memory bank, and your passageway into a family hall of fame.

And of course, printing photos is still the number one solution to preserving your photographs and protecting your cherished moments.

Printing photos: The effort is worth it!

Yes, printing your photos is not just a valuable task but a necessary one for digitally-savvy, twenty-first-century families.

Katherine Stannard, Wish Photography

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