Professional Newborn Photography: Why Make the Investment?

Thanks to our mobile phones, we’re all equipped with technology able to take high-resolution photos. We can capture every special moment through the lens of our ever-present, on-board cameras. Most of us cannot even recall what it felt like not to have a phone or camera within reach. So, the question is a good one: why invest in professional newborn photography if we can all simply aim and click? Why bother getting professional photos done when we’ve already taken a barrow load of pics?

Why Choose to Invest in Professional Newborn Photography?

There are numerous reasons investing in posed newborn photography is worth every cent but let me mention just three.

(1) Classic, iconic newborn photographs of your baby.

There is something truly wonderful about the many photos we take of our kids on our mobile cameras. They’re real and raw. Messy, in the moment … and often out of focus. And that’s okay. That’s life.

However, the classic, iconic newborn images that we all love so much take a lot more experience and skill to capture. These timeless memories aren’t possible with a quick, “Hey! Where’s my phone?” … grab the moment snapshot. To get those classic newborn photos, those curly-sleepy poses that have our hearts fluttering, requires hundreds of hours of practice, perfecting the art and craft of professional newborn portraiture. It goes without saying that creating the right setting and using the correct equipment are also essential.

Don’t leave it to chance. Invest in an experienced newborn photographer to ensure you own classic, timeless newborn photographs of your own child.

Professional Newborn Photography: Why Make The Investment?

(2) Expertise and safety expertise of a professional.

It may sound obvious, but a professional newborn photographer prioritises safety as much as they prioritise quality images. Yes, you’ll get classic images of your newborn baby, but you’ll also get the assurance of working with a pro, one who has the safety of your baby foremost in mind.

Working with a professional newborn photographer allows you to relax and enjoy the experience, too. You can rest in the knowledge that you and your little bub are in safe hands. There really is no price you can put on this kind of peace of mind.

(3) The end-product: gorgeous images – printed, framed or mounted.

Thanks to digital photography, we seldom bother to print our photographs anymore, let alone frame or mount them. I think that’s a little sad. Our mobile phones are stuffed full of images—images we view less and less over time—while our coffee tables and desks and mantelpieces lie empty. Our walls are bare. Void of family pictures that add colour and personality and life to our home. Photos that capture and support the memories we share as a family and the history we’re making together. A sense of heritage is often lost.

And here’s the thing. We are far more likely to print (and frame and mount) photographs of high quality, pictures we have made an investment in. And for this reason alone, investing in professional newborn photography is so very worth it.

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In all my years as a photographer, I have never met a single person who regretted having professional photographs taken. I have met many who regret not making the investment.

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