I love raw moments. I love real love. And I love documenting the imperfect, perfect moments between families

My name is Katherine and I am the proud owner, photographer and creative editor at Wish Photography.

I am obsessed with good coffee. I love a backyard barbecue. I could binge watch any reality TV show. I love eating chips when the kids go to bed. These are some of my favourite past times. But nothing beats a wintery Sunday afternoon, a wood fire burning, wine in hand and the children happily playing nearby.

As a young child I was fascinated with babies. It was no surprise that I went on to have 4 of my own.

My children are the reason I smile every day. From the moment each of them was born, they had distinct personalities and I became fascinated with capturing every little detail on film. 

I began my working career as a Registered Nurse. I wanted to work in an industry where I could make a difference in people’s lives. After 10 years of Nursing I made the switch to photography.  I found this more rewarding than I ever anticipated, and so Wish Photography flourished. 

I love capturing all the little details of babies pouted lips, their tiny clenched fists and their first yawns. When I look at these photos, I am instantly reminded of just how small they are. I can almost smell and feel the love, that overwhelming love we have when we hold our baby. Photographs are powerful in that they capture memories that we might forget if we don’t have these photos.

We all experience times with our children when we think we couldn’t possibly love them more. That the age that they are at is simply the best and we want to freeze that moment in time. Well… I cannot freeze time… but I can capture that moment for you, so you can look back on photos of your family and be reminded of this fleeting time in your life.

As a creative person, I see the world differently to most. Think of a rundown yard with overgrown grass, the sun going down in the distance. While you would see it for what it is, I see it as an opportunity to create a beautiful photograph. It is these photos that make my outdoor work unique and different to many others.

I cannot wait to talk more with you and begin this exciting journey with you and your family!

Katherine xx