Hey there, I’m Katherine, and I’m beyond thrilled that you’ve found your way to Wish Photography.

If you’re in search of family photographer that’s all about capturing those genuine connections, preserving heartfelt memories, and delivering a touch of originality and creativity that stands out, then we’ve got something special in common.

I’m passionate about capturing the beautiful journey of families—whether it’s during the excitement of pregnancy, the tender moments with newborns, the joy of family gatherings, or any stage in between. Every moment is unique, and every age is worth celebrating.

In my world, family is everything. With four children at home, my life is a whirlwind of joyful chaos, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have an innate ability to connect with kids of all ages, not just as a photographer but as a fellow parent who truly understands the magic of childhood and parenthood.

Coffee is my fuel, friendships are my treasure, and I have a deep love for continuous learning. I’m a self-proclaimed podcast junkie, and my ear pods are a gateway to a world of “mentors” who provide fresh insights every day.

My journey into the world of photography was ignited by the birth of my own children. Each of them brought their own distinct personality into our lives, inspiring me to preserve every fleeting moment on film.

Professionally, I’ve been a portrait photographer for 10 years. Time sure has flown by!I initially began my professional career as a Registered Nurse, where I spent a decade positively impacting people’s lives. However, I needed something more to fill my bucket, and so I moved to photography. I had no idea just how incredibly rewarding this change would turn out to be.

I’m genuinely excited to connect with you and embark on this wonderful journey with your family. Together, we’ll create timeless memories that will warm your heart for years to come.

Katherine x