What to wear to your photoshoot

I have put together some of my top styling tips to help you choose what to wear to your photo shoot.

It is our end goal that you will want to display your photos from your session on your walls. With this in mind, we help you every step of the way to ensure that your finished photos will compliment your family, your style and your home. 

As a full service photography studio we are here to help you every step of the way. We work closely with our clients, providing a personal and professional experience so you get the best out of your photography experience.

First of all we will help you choose a location. This needs a separate blog post of it’s own, so let’s imagine you’ve already chosen your location and your photoshoot is booked in. 

Once you have chosen a location it’s time to think about what to wear. Let’s break it down bit by bit…..

Family Photography Adelaide
This family are wearing colours and tones that compliment the living space

Be inspired by your home

Your home is where it all begins. This is where your family make memories. Where your children feel safe, loved and where you all spend a lot of time together. We want to help you create emotional imagery of your family for you to display in your home, for you to enjoy today, tomorrow and forever. 

So, let’s create this photoshoot with intention, so that when your artwork is up on your walls, everything looks aesthetically beautiful! 

First of all, tell us about your home, your floors, your walls and furniture. Do you have neutral colours throughout your home? Or is your home filled with vibrant colours and textures? 

Choosing a colour palette to compliment your exisiting decor in your home is a great start.

Choosing a colour Palette

As we just talked about, you know that our end goal is for you to display your artwork in your home.

Our first tip is to select a colour palette for your outfits.

You can take inspiration from your home when choosing a colour palette.

If you have lots of neutrals in your home, then I would suggest choosing similar colours such as browns and creams, .These earthy colours will compliment all skin tones and will not date over time.

Please try and avoid wearing bright white clothing. it can be distracting in your finished photos and draws the viewers eye to the brightness, as opposed to looking at the love and connection shared in your family’s photo.

Mum...let's get you sorted first

Mum you are going to be the star of the show, and so I always recommend you choose your outfit first. I know as a Mum we are often the ones behind the camera….and so it is really important that we make you exist in these photos and really capture your love and connection with your family!!

Essentially we want you to feel beautiful and comfortable. If I could dress every Mum in a maxi dress for her photo shoot I would…..and here are my reasons why 

  • They are really comfortable
  • They allow you sit down comfortably, especially if you have young children climbing over you during the session
  • When there is a little breeze the movement in them adds that element of fun and interest to your photos.
  • There are so many different styles, patterns and designs that there is one for everyone! Off the shoulder, backless, ruffled sleeves etc….these things all add interest and a bit of fun to your styling!
  • You wont need to worry about what shoes to wear, as they will hardly be seen.
  • For the cooler weather you can add knits, boots and scarves. 

My favourite on line store for Maxi dresses and skirts is August the Label They also have Mummy & Me sets which are super cute!

Hair and Make-up

If you are going to invest in a professional photography session, you might like to consider getting your hair and/or make up done too.

Wether you do it yourself or have it done professionally, keep your make up simple and neutral. We want your session to be relaxed, casual and fun, so we want your hair and make up to reflect this too!

For long hair, I suggest to wear it down with loose curls. I love how  a soft breeze and beautiful light can add interest and movement to our photos. 

Nail polish….your hands will likely make it in to some of your photos. So please ensure no chipped nail polish and keep the polish colours neutral. This s especially important for studio newborn sessions. 

Notice their hair is down and the golden sun reflecting in it...this is intentionally done to make the most of the golden light at sunset
A long flowing dress or skirt makes it easy for Mum to kneel or sit down with her children

Tips for dressing boys

Alrighty boys this one is pretty easy! You can’t go wrong with a pair of jeans or chinos and a plain coloured T shirt that matches the colour palette in Mum’s outfit. Your session is going to be super relaxed, and we want you to be too, so a shirt and tie is not required! 

Another great option for young boys is overalls. They allow you layer up in the cooler weather and the added texture always looks great!

For babies and young boys my favourite on line store is Jamie Kay

Notice that the boys are in off white and cream (not bright white) and their outfits tie in beautifully with the landscape
Mum's long dress covers her legs and allows her and her son to play comfortably, The ruffled sleeves add interest to the photo too.
Chinos and a plain T......perfect option for the boys!

Tips for dressing girls

Once Mum has her outfit planned its time to bring in the colour palette from her outfit to style the girls. 

It’s all in the details…..I love capturing the little details that make a big difference! This can be as simple as ensuring the shoes match the outfit, or that your child’s favourite comfort toy is brought into the session. 

I advise agains short dresses as it can be difficult for girls to sit down without their knickers or nappie showing!

Long maxi dresses and skirts or a dress over a pair of tights are easy go-to’s that look great and are generally easy to find in local shops or on-line. 

On line shops such as Zara and Jamie Kay have beautiful clothes for both girls and boys! 


I love texture and think it really adds to your photos. This could be something as simple as choosing ribbed tights over opaque tights, or ruffled sleeves over plain straps. This is where you can add your own style to make your photos unique to you!

Some ways to incorporate interest and texture incliude

  • Wide brimmed hats
  • Scarves, vests, boots
  • Knitted jumpers and cardigans.
  • Frilly socks
  • Over sized jumpers can look great too!
Frilly socks and cute little shoes
Lani's outfit is all in the same colour palette and the texture in her socks and knitted cards makes it perfect!

Patterns or No Patterns?

A general rule of thumb is that one family member can wear patterns and everyone else should stick to a bold colour. This will ensure distracting patterns don’t clash and the viewers eye is directed at your faces.

Beautiful family styling with Mum in a patterned maxi dress and the others in bold colours that compliment not only Mum's dress but the location too!